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Project 1: Data Discovery, Collation and Gap Analysis for Spatial Representation

Project Outputs

Project 1 aims to identify and map datasets of relevance to the MSP process and review their validity.  It will provide up-to-date spatial and temporal information on marine ecosystems and human activities taking place within Ireland’s maritime domain to support marine spatial planning.  This will advance marine data and knowledge in Ireland and is a fundamental exercise for successful implementation of MSP.  It is the first step in the process and delivers enhanced spatial evidence to support ecosystem based advice and planning. This project will improve existing marine data and knowledge programmes such as Ireland’s Marine Atlas, Digital Ocean and delivery of Irish Data to EMODnet, the European marine data portal. As part of this project, a gap analysis is being undertaken. This will inform future data collection and mapping priorities.

Lead Partner: 

ABPMer (Lead), Plymouth Marine Laboratory, LUC, MacCabe Durney Barnes, Matt Rayment, IWDG Consulting, MERC Environmental, Birdwatch Ireland, Liverpool University, Exeter University


2 years (2018-2019)

Project Status: 
Project Outputs: 
  • Catalogue of spatial, environmental, socio-economic data
  • Data gap analysis
  • Delivery of spatial data required for MSP Directive, e.g. marine activities, distribution of key species and ecosystems
Project Cost - Projected: