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Project 2: Data Prioritisation and Collection for Spatial Representation

Project Outputs

This project will build on Project 1 Data Discovery, Collation and Gap Analysis for Spatial Representation. Specifically Project 2 aims to provide up-to-date spatial and temporal information by filling in gaps in knowledge required to support MSP, regarding human activities, pressures, resource distribution etc.  This will advance marine data and knowledge in Ireland and is a fundamental exercise for successful implementation of MSP.

Lead Partner: 

ABPMer (Lead), Plymouth Marine Laboratory, LUC, MacCabe Durney Barnes, Matt Rayment, IWDG Consulting, MERC Environmental, Birdwatch Ireland, Liverpool University, Exeter University


2 years (2018-2019)

Project Status: 
Project Outputs: 
  • Prioritisation of additional data and information requirements
  • Continued delivery of spatial data required under the MSP Directive: marine activities, resource maps, maps of pressures
Project Cost - Projected: