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Project 5: Integrating Marine Spatial Data: Best Practice in Modelling and Decision Support Tools

Project Outputs

Project 5 will review the available modelling and decision support tools for MSP. These may relate to data provision, pressures and impacts of human activities.  This project will identify best practice technical tools in the Irish context.

The project will deliver focused studies to identify and evaluate best practice models used in, or of relevance to, spatial data management and integration.  The project will also provide technical advice as to how to add value to the spatially represented data

Lead Partner: 

ABPMer (Lead), Plymouth Marine Laboratory, LUC, MacCabe Durney Barnes, Matt Rayment, IWDG Consulting, MERC Environmental, Birdwatch Ireland, Liverpool University, Exeter University


2 years (2018-2019)

Project Status: 
Project Outputs: 
  • Evaluation of best practice models for spatial data management and integration
  • Analysis on existing products that can add value to spatially represented data collected in this operation
  • Model/tool development and model parameterisation for use in the Irish context;
Project Cost - Projected: