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Data Governance for Marine Data

Project Outputs

Programmes such as MSP, MSFD and DCF require access to data from a wide range of sources. Access to these data requires appropriate Data Governance to ensure compliance with licensing terms and legislation such as GDPR. Without an adequate level of Data Governance these is a risk that access will be limited with a default low/no-risk approach leading to low-availability.

A consistent overarching data policy needs to be implemented for datasets to be used for MSP, MSFD and DCF programmes. Datasets also need to be clearly labelled to support licensing terms, and databases and other forms of data storage must be access controlled to support licensing or legislative compliance. Data backups and archives also need to have clearly defined retention periods applied.

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Project Outputs: 

1. Data licensing and usage agreements are put in place for at least 70% of the key datasets identified as relevant to MSP or MSFD.
2. At least 70% of key Marine Institute datasets have publically available metadata to describe data availability, ownership and licensing.
3. Access to key datasets stored in managed data storage systems is managed with appropriate reporting and oversight.
4. Data retention and archive plans are developed for at least 20 key datasets being used for MSP, MSFD and DCF.

Expected Benefit: 
There is clarity as to the usage terms for data underpinning the development of new information products and services for DAFM and other key marine data stakeholders. Access to data and information is controlled to meet legislative and data owner requirements, necessary to assure ongoing availability of these data.
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