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Data Collection

The Data Collection Scheme is established under Union Priority 3 (Fostering the Implementation of the Common Fisheries Policy) of Ireland’s Operational Programme co-funded under the EMFF by the Irish Government and the EU.


Data collection is essential for the implementation of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), as a basis for founding it on the best possible scientific advice. Primary biological, technical, ecological and socioeconomic data are collected to evaluate the state of fish stocks, the profitability of the different segments of the sector and the effects of fisheries and aquaculture on the ecosystem.

Data are also needed to evaluate EU policies: fisheries management measures, structural financial measures in support of the fisheries and aquaculture dependent areas, mitigation measures to reduce negative effects of fisheries on the ecosystem. The requirements for fisheries and aquaculture data collection are laid out in the Data Collection Framework (DCF) recast (EU-2017/1004) and the EU multiannual programme for 2017-2019 (EU-2016/1251).

Visit DCMAP-Ireland for more information.