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Data Management Quality Framework for Marine Data

Project Outputs

A range of EMFF-related MSP, Blue Growth and Biodiversity programmes require the availability of high quality marine data from a range of marine disciplines. An initial data quality management toolset has been developed to support the availability of quality assured data for MSP, MSFD, DCF, aquaculture and food safety services, licensing support or other relevant DAFM programmes. This approach now needs to be implemented and adapted for a broad set of datasets and their associated processes, to effectively implement a coordinated approach to data management and governance across scientific disciplines in the Marine Institute.

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Project Outputs: 

1. Up to 30 relevant data sets will be included under the IODE approved Data Management framework (systems, processes and procedures) defining how these data are managed including data storage, retention / disposal, process definition, etc.
2. Over 70% of key Marine Institute datasets have complete, metadata to describe data quality.
3. Key Marine Institute programmes generating datasets have Data Management Plans to improve procedures for data management planning, processing and delivery.
4. Marine Institute databases underpinning programme delivery will be managed and available at an appropriate level.

Expected Benefit: 
The IODE-accredited Data Quality Framework will apply to key data processes underpinning related programmes such as MSP, MSFD, DCF, Fish Health, etc. Data users can easily determine the origin and quality of underlying data and information being used in decision making. Marine Institute programmes include data management processes into their planning, a key step to ensuring the quality and reusability of the resulting data. Standardised database administration will improve data availability and access for business intelligence, mapping and data analysis software required to generate targeted information for programmes such as MSP, MSFD and DCF.
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