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Ecosystems Services in Marine Spatial Planning

Project Outputs

Lead Partner:

This project involved data collection, collation and analytical studies to identify, characterise and map Ireland’s marine provisioning, regulating / maintenance and cultural services. There was a lack of information available about marine ecosystem services in Ireland.  This project contributed to improved marine data and knowledge to inform the MSP process.  Maps of existing and potential ecosystem service that were produced will be useful to inform the costs/benefit analyses (i.e., trade-offs) of potential marine spatial planning options and sectoral growth opportunities.

ABPMer (Lead), Plymouth Marine Laboratory, LUC, MacCabe Durney Barnes, Matt Rayment, IWDG Consulting, MERC Environmental, Birdwatch Ireland, Liverpool University, Exeter University


2 years (2018-2019)

Project Status:
Project Outputs:
  • Characterisation of Ireland’s marine ecosystem services
  • Evidence base and report on the value of natural capital that is providing these ecosystem services
  • Maps of Ireland’s marine Ecosystem Services and Natural Capital
  • Identification and mapping of threats and opportunities linked to ecosystem services
Project Cost - Actual:
Project Cost - Projected: