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Extending the Data Management Quality Framework for Marine Data

Project Outputs

Programmes such as MSP, MSFD and DCF require access to trusted and well-managed data from a wide variety of sources. The ability to access and re-use these data requires appropriate quality-assured processes and storage systems. This project will extend the Marine Institute’s Data Management Quality Management Framework to additional data processes underpinning marine environmental reporting and management, ensuring that these processes are quality assured via an internationally accredited framework. It will also help to tailor the framework so that it can be readily applied to new scientific research projects and to align it with relevant international quality standards such as ISO and the CoreTrustSeal standard for data repositories.

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Project Outputs: 

1. The IODE-approved Data Management Quality Management Framework (systems, processes and procedures) will be extended to additional key marine environmental datasets relevant to MSP, MSFD and / or DCF, defining the process for how these data are managed including data storage, retention / disposal, process definition, etc.
2. The Data Management Quality Management Framework implementation is reviewed across marine environment, fisheries and oceanographic domains and improved to address gaps or inefficiencies, including relevance for research data.
3. The Data Management Quality Management Framework will be reviewed for reaccreditation by UNESCO IOC-IODE, and for alignment with the widely recognised ISO and Core Trust Seal quality assurance standards.
4. Marine Institute database procedures underpinning marine programme delivery will be reviewed and updated to enhance management, governance and availability of key datasets.

Expected Benefit: 
1. Additional key marine datasets with quality assured data management processes are available to underpin programmes such as MSP, MSFD, DCF, Fish Health, etc. Data users can easily determine the origin and quality of underlying data and information being used in decision making. 2. The IODE-accredited Data Management Quality Management Framework is reviewed and optimised for additional areas such as research data, and is ready for re-accreditation by UNESCO IOC-IODE, in addition to being aligned with ISO and Core Trust Seal standards. 3. Marine Institute programmes data management processes are available for new research project planning, to help ensure the quality and reusability of the resulting data.
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