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Mapping Ireland’s Invasive Marine Species

Project Outputs

Invasive Alien Species (IAS) are recognized in numerous regulations as a key cause of the loss of native species and the reduction of biodiversity (e.g. EC 708/2007; S.I. 477 of 2011). The presence of marine invasive species can negatively affect marine-based industries such as aquaculture and shipping.  There are large gaps in the knowledge base around marine invasive species in Ireland.  This project is modelling and mapping Ireland’s Invasive Marine Species Spread and Impact Potential.  Enhanced knowledge that could map invasive species incidence in Irish coastal waters will greatly facilitate implementation of MSP and MSFD.


Originally 2 years (2020-2021), granted extension into 2022.

Project Status:
Project Outputs:

1. Database of marine non-native species known spatial incidence accessible through Ireland’s Marine Atlas.
2. Maps of current incidence and distribution of non-native marine species.
3. Projection maps of potential spread of invasive species based on current incidence, and modelling of environmental suitability of uncolonised habitats (e.g., GARP model outputs) and document primary drivers of habitat susceptibility to alien taxa colonisation.
4. Summary report on potential management actions

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