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Marine Data Analysis and Visualisation Framework

Project Outputs

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While currently there are valuable data assets residing across multiple Marine Institute teams and partner organisations, our ability to leverage these data to provide information which is current, reproducible, and readily available across multiple locations is limited.

Converting these data into usable information to meet new programme requirements requires improved access to data analysis and visualisation tools, services and techniques.

These analytical capabilities will support the development of decision support tools, which in turn are required to streamline the implementation of Marine Spatial Planning in Ireland. They will also support analysis required for other key directives such as the Marine Strategy Framework Directive.

Developing capability in this area is key to the ongoing delivery of Marine Spatial Planning, and by providing online analytical and visualization capability a level of inter-agency collaboration and transparency in the decision making process can be achieved.

Project Status:
Project Outputs:

1. Data processing services will be available to inform decision making for a range of programmes such as MSP, MSFD, DCF, etc.
2. Specific pilot use case for MSP is implemented to prove the framework incl. integration of new information products, built on integrated underlying raw data.
3. Spatial data visualisation services with enhanced information services and data provenance information will be available to provide a single view of information from multiple locations.
4. A 4D spatial viewer with the ability to integrate data from multiple sources to provide additional perspectives and a richer viewing experience for researchers and marine managers.
5. Upgrades to Ireland’s Marine Atlas will ensure its continued relevance as a point of reference for publicly available marine data

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