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Marine Data Integration Standards and Guidelines

Project Outputs

Lead Partner:

Currently data required for programmes such as MSP, MSFD and DCF are held by a number of organisations and in a range of formats. The development of data integration best practice for Ireland’s marine data will provide guidance as to how data from multiple sources (including across internal organisational boundaries) can be combined together for analysis and reuse. The publication of these best practices will also facilitate the connection of new nodes to the Institute’s data services platform, furthering the integration and reuse of marine data within Ireland.

Project Status:
Project Outputs:

1. Standards and guidelines are adopted for integration of data from multiple sources (at least 3).
2. Common reference data is available from a central authoritative source to support integrated analysis of data.
3. Data Management and Publication guidelines would allow cross-organisational sharing of data and information including across the Marine Institute service areas and with key partners and stakeholders including DAFM, BIM and DHPLG.
4. A pilot would showcase how data publication services can be accessed and reused by multiple systems.

Project Cost - Actual: