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Socioeconomic Study of Seaweed Harvesting Along the West Coast of Ireland

Project Outputs

This project was a desktop study that will relied on existing sources of information and extensive surveying of both harvesters/growers and businesses or organisations within the seaweed sector. Through a comprehensive survey of the key stakeholders, data and information was collated to map and value the seaweed supply chain, create an industry wide directory, develop best practice recommendations for seaweed resource management and reporting, and prepare the required final report and summary fact sheet and presentation. The final report, and associated communication materials, provides a clear snapshot of the Irish seaweed industry and has identified issues, challenges, barriers and opportunities for continued industry growth and development.

Project Status:
Project Outputs:

1. Project database
2. Industry directory
3. Spatial mapping of seaweed harvesting and processors
4. Best practices recommendations for sustainable harvesting and reporting
5. Final report
6. Knowledge transfer event including fact sheet and presentation

Project Cost - Actual:
Project Cost - Projected:
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