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Dissemination and Outreach of Marine Biodiversity Scheme

Through awareness of information collected on Marine Biodiversity this project will enable engagement with stakeholders with an interest in Ireland’s marine resource.


The project has a 2 year duration and runs between 2017 and 2018.

Project Outputs:
  1. EMFF biodiversity website for project information dissemination up and running;
  2. Scheme and project brochures and other information dissemination material printed;
  3. Image gallery and outreach videos produced;EMFF Marine Biodiversity Information Day Nov 2018
  4. EMFF Marine biodiversity forum hosted in 2018; Output from marine Biodiversity scheme presented at Seafest;
  5. Project Results presented at selected fora.
Expected Benefit:

This projects supports the engagement with stakeholders and dissemination of results and accessibility of information from Marine Biodiversity Scheme to a variety of endusers and stakeholders including policy makers, industry, non-governmental organisations, local community groups, peer scientists and the general public.

A variety of media including webpage, brochures, presentations and videos will be used to disseminate project and scheme outputs to different audiences.

Further Information:
Contact Leonie O’Dowd at
Project Cost - Projected:
Project Status: