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Centralised Access to National Benthic Biodiversity Data 

Project Outputs

The aim of this project is to ensure the availability of spatial marine benthic biodiversity data for the purposes of marine planning and decision-making.  It will also support delivery of the Habitats Directive, Marine Strategy Framework Directive and National Marine Planning Framework by:  

Centralising access to benthic biodiversity datasets across the MI; 
Further enabling the Marine Institute to capitalise on its data resources when carrying out its role as advisor to government departments; 
Providing capacity to fill the gap in marine benthic biodiversity data records in the National Biodiversity Data Centre and EMODnet;   
Ensure a single robust source of benthic biodiversity data, which is maintained and added to on an on-going basis within the MI. 

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Project Status: 
Project Outputs: 

1. Catalogue of benthic datasets within the MI  
2. Data framework developed for benthic sedimentary data 
3. Data framework developed for benthic reef data 

Expected Benefit: 
1. Ensure that marine data on benthic biodiversity are collected, collated and managed centrally in the MI;  2. Provide a mechanism for this data to be made available publicly, through Ireland’s Marine Atlas, NBDC and EMODnet, for example; 3. Improve the quality and quantity of marine biodiversity data in line with national and international requirements;  4. Enable the availability of high quality, scientifically robust data that can be used to track changes in Ireland’s marine species and habitats;  5. Develop a partnership with the national and international organisations who hold marine biodiversity data (e.g. National Biodiversity Data Centre, Marine Institute, NPWS, Heritage Council).  6. Ensure that marine benthic biodiversity data are available to inform the National Marine Planning Framework and national decision-making processes. 
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