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Centralised Access to National Benthic Biodiversity Data 

Project Outputs

Lead Partner:

The aim of this project is to ensure the availability of spatial marine benthic biodiversity data for the purposes of marine planning and decision-making.  It will also support delivery of the Habitats Directive, Marine Strategy Framework Directive and National Marine Planning Framework by:  

Centralising access to benthic biodiversity datasets across the MI; 
Further enabling the Marine Institute to capitalise on its data resources when carrying out its role as advisor to government departments; 
Providing capacity to fill the gap in marine benthic biodiversity data records in the National Biodiversity Data Centre and EMODnet;   
Ensure a single robust source of benthic biodiversity data, which is maintained and added to on an on-going basis within the MI. 

Project Status:
Project Outputs:

1. Catalogue of benthic datasets within the MI  
2. Data framework developed for benthic sedimentary data 
3. Data framework developed for benthic reef data 

Project Cost - Projected: