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Data Integration for Improved Spatial Analysis and Representation

Project Outputs

This project improved understanding of what marine data are available to form a basis for improved MSP-related products and decision support tools.  It leveraged current and future operational programmes through reuse of data collected, without incurring the otherwise substantial data acquisition costs, meaning that data can be more easily integrated and reused.  It led to better definition and greater clarity as to the origin and quality of underlying data and information being used in decision making.

Improvements to data processes are needed to underpin new MSP-related products and services.

Marine Institute, Compass Informatics


2 years (2018-2019)

Project Status:
Project Outputs:
  • Data usage agreements for MSP relevant datasets
  • Report detailing data standards to allow the integration / reuse of MSP data
  • Metadata to describe data availability, ownership and licensing, lineage, and quality
  • Data process flows required for MSP
  • Procedures documented for handling of prioritised datasets
Project Cost - Actual:
Project Cost - Projected: