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Marine Data Reuse Services Framework

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Currently the availability of data required for programmes such as MSP and MSFD is limited, in part due to technical differences or limitations across organisational boundaries. The deployment of consistent data services interfaces will greatly facilitate access and integration of data held by different groups both within and external to the Marine Institute. In conjunction with data management and publication practices the development of reusable data services with consistent interfaces will facilitate the connection of new nodes to the Institute’s data services platform, furthering the integration and reuse of Irish marine data for national programmes.

Project Status:
Project Outputs:

1. Data publication services would be implemented to provide access to data from a range of sources and disciplines e.g. ERDDAP services for oceanographic data, Web Map Services and Web Feature Services for spatial data, Web Tile Services for raster coverage data, and real-time observation services for sensor data.
2. IT Security guidelines and systems would be developed to protect data systems and allow secure cross-organisational sharing of data and information.
3. A pilot would showcase how data publication services can be accessed and reused by multiple systems.
4. Initial data service connectivity with partners such as BIM, etc, would be developed to share data. The outputs would include software services, training and documentation as appropriate.

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