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Marine Foresight Study

Project Outputs

Horizon scanning and foresight activities provide important evidence and data to support strategic decision making. This includes stocktaking of national, EU and international current and future policies, regulations, and initiatives with potential relevance to Ireland’s blue economy. A number of marine foresight initiatives have been carried out at EU and international level, however these need to reviewed in the context of Ireland’s blue economy and the advancement of IMP in Ireland.

This study includes a high-level assessment and synthesis of relevant national, EU and international policies, strategies and socio-economic analyses of relevance to supporting a sustainable blue economy, using the eight enablers in Ireland’s current Integrated Marine Plan as a guide.

The report, and accompanying database, captures trends, current and emerging issues across technological, policy, economic, environmental and social aspects relevant to the sustainable development of Ireland’s blue economy.

A specific focus on climate action and other horizontal and overarching policies including maritime spatial planning and UN Sustainable Development Goals and the EU Green Deal, is also a focus of the study.

In completing this assessment, information is drawn from existing reports and foresight studies, taking into consideration sectoral and horizontal policies and programmes relevant to Ireland’s blue economy.

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6 months (2020)

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Project Outputs: 

1. Marine Foresight Report
2. Evidence Database

Marine Foresight Study and Evidence Database can be found here in the Marine Institute Open Access Repository: https://oar.marine.ie/handle/10793/1666

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Forward looking horizon scanning and foresight analysis will provide evidence and data in support of the development of any successor to Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth – Ireland’s Integrated Marine Plan. The project will assist with advising on appropriate targets and enabling actions across the marine sector, taking account of trends, opportunities and challenges relevant to the sustainable development of Ireland’s blue economy. The studies will also take account of climate action agenda more centrally and the need to transition to a decarbonised economy and society.
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