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National Sediment Sampling and Seabed Imagery Catalogue

Project Outputs

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The aim of this project is to develop an integrated national sediment sampling and seabed imagery catalogue. It will provide a ‘signpost’ to the multiple sources of seabed data. The integration of this information will be vital to support the National marine planning process, in terms of habitat mapping, climate change assessment, resource assessment (e.g. aggregates) and invasive species incidence.

Benthic and seabed sediment data are collected in Irish waters in response to a wide range of biodiversity, development, resource assessment, environmental and legislative drivers; however, there is, as yet, no single source of information. It is thus proposed to carry out a scoping study to assess the sources of coastal and offshore sediment samples and seabed imagery, and develop an integrated catalogue and spatial data resource (GIS) of ground-truthed information and metadata for seabed characterisation and habitat mapping.

Project Status:
Project Outputs:

1. Improved knowledge of the national resource for sediment samples and seabed imagery;
2. Increased re-use National Sediment Sampling and Seabed Imagery Catalogue;
3. Web Map Service of multi-programme chemical, biological and ground-truthing resources and data;
4. Higher resolution assessments feasible, including EIAs
5. Web Service delivery or outputs of sediment sample metadata via Marine Atlas and/or Irish Digital Ocean;
6. Report on existing resources and recommendations for future database development and collaborative ground-truthing operations.

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