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Definition and Classification of Ireland’s Seascapes

Seascape is an important element in any maritime nation’s sense of identity and culture. It relates to where and how people value their coasts. As is evident in national tourism statistics, Irish seascapes are especially valued along the Wild Atlantic Way. This project aimed to broadly define and classify Ireland’s Seascapes. This has improved our understanding of the character and values of the relevant seascapes and provided national baseline information available from which the planning and decision making processes can respond to future changes. As an example, future marine renewable energy developments are likely to impact on the seascapes.
The objectives of this project are: (i) Understand the different regional seascape character areas along the Irish coast; (ii) Develop character assessments which describe the key features and characteristics of each seascape character area.

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Project Status: 
Project Outputs: 

• A report for the National Marine Planning Framework area that describes the key features and characteristics of each seascape character area (map, overview and key characteristics);
• A classification of Ireland’s seascapes;
• Spatial data product(s) that illustrate the national seascape assessment;
• Use stakeholder engagement to validate, refine and agree the seascape character assessments.

Expected Benefit: 
The Seascape Character Assessment will support implementation of the National Marine Planning Framework in addition to the National Landscape Strategy. The baseline information about key features and characteristics of each seascape character area will support decision making through the marine planning process.
Further Information: 
Project update 05 October, 2020: A Draft Seascape Character Assessment for Ireland has been published and is open for consultation. You are invited to share your views and comments on the draft. It is available to download and feedback can be submitted via the online survey. The draft Seascape Character Assessment Report is available to download in four parts. See below for links.
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